Starcross logs

If you live in Starcross we can provide kiln-dried logs at highly competitive prices and with no delivery charge. Please visit the contact page to call or email us with your requirements.

We are a well-established family business supplying quality logs to Exeter, Exmouth and east Devon for 30 years. All our logs are from managed woodlands, thinned to allow the best trees to mature in a sustainable, healthy environment benefiting timber production and wildlife (licensed by the Forestry Commission).

Unlike some suppliers who sell quick-burning softwoods, which are often imported, Exeter Logs only sell kiln-dried hardwood logs.


Loads supplied in Starcross by Exeter Logs typically comprise ash, which is an excellent easy to light firewood, and oak, which burns for longer and is best added once a fire is established. We don't charge for delivery and all loads come with a free sack of dry lighting sticks.
To view full price list here.  To order please call 07469 932652 between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm to place an order immediately, or subsequently call 01395 277242 to leave a message.