Nigel Priston Forestry

Nigel Priston Forestry in East Devon was awarded Leader funding from Making it local towards the investment of a forestry tractor with roof-mounted timber crane, a firewood processor and a remote controlled winch. This will allow an increase in production of firewood and enable us to look after more local woodlands. It is part-funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.


Nigel Priston Forestry was established in 1997. We work with local woodland owners who have felling licences to manage their woodlands.

The hardwood that is suitable for firewood is taken back to the yard, processed into log sized pieces and put in the kiln to dry. 24 hours in the kiln equates to approximately one years seasoning. So the processed logs are kept in the kiln for anything between 3-7 days depending on species and moisture content.

Nigel Priston forestry would like to open it up with services available. Which are;

Woodland management,
Felling and removal of dangerous trees,
And All aspects of tree felling undertaken.

Our tractor with timber crane is available for daily hire with the operator. This can be used to ferry lengths of timber.